How to create effective marketing SMS

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Welcome again in offerplant, We are come back with very burning and brain storming task that is how to attract customer using SMS (short messaging services). Sending SMS is very easy using multiple application, app, and tools now a day. But there is really its is great task i.e composing the SMS.

Yes, In today topics we analysis this things on different parameter , facts and try to understand what are the things that makes a SMS easy, effective.

Now we come to the topics One by one.It is found that there are some facts that must be mention on SMS it may be vary from nature of business, timimg and offers.

1) Date or Duration : This is very important part of any offer because if its offers it must be limited times. Then user understand the value of offer and avails this.

2) Name and Location :  It is found that the offer is announced by any person or organization may be original or virtual then it is mandatory to mention the  Name, address of SMS sender.

3) Offers in Brief  : This is the main part of the message that what is the matter, why this message is send . Here we mention the Offer in easy language . It is not necessary to completely describe the matter. Matter must be attractive and Short it matters. 

4) Contact No (Optional) :  Contact No depends upon the sender if he wants to get response from receiver then , can mention.

5) Attachments:  Its is also a new features and  optional to add a short link in SMS . Its play great roles in SmartPhone.

6) Sender ID :  Its is the part  that shown in palce of mobile number in Bulk/ Business SMS. It may me Numeric (promotional)   or Alphabet ( Transnational ) . Create your own sender Id and always use same sender id to make a space in receivers mind.

Thanks for reading our blog in next blog with come with how to compose a better offerplan for SMS.
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