Latest Trends : Dynamic Pricing Offers

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First of all we want to say that OfferPlant  is now OfferPlant Technologies Private Limited since 26 July 2017. Due to some extra burden we are not get together with you. But we think now we try to come with new topics and ideas on regular interval.

Anyway, we come to the today topics i.e; Dynamic Pricing here we try to know how dynamic price can help a business to grow. There are many offer used in daily life to attract customer that based on dynamic price.

Auction Price:  In this type of offer the seller decide the minimum price of any article after this the customers rate the same article for a limited time. At last the customer who ready to pay the maximum price is the real buyer of article.

Limited Time Offer : This offer is also based on time frame here the price of article are change for limited time. Just Like Independence Day Mega Offer valid from 14 to 16 august Flat 35% Discount on all article.

Till Last Stock :  As per name suggest the type of offer are  based of rate of sale this may be for 2 to 3 days or may be last within hour. Here quantity/ amount of stock is fixed the user come first can enjoy this offer.

Refer to Friends : Now a day this type are more popular in online services just like cab booking, hotel booking or flight booking. Here either coupon code or referral link are use to reduce the price.

We think this post help you to promote your business and organization if anyone have question regarding these offers or how to implement kindly comment us.

Thanks for reading this blog in next session we come with other business promotional tools and topics.


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