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Most popular type of offers

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Welcome Back to OfferPlant. In previous post we discuss on offer , why offer is necessary, what a offer does etc. Now in this lesson we are going to discuss some popular offers their concept and application areas.

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% off 

It is very popular and simplest type of offer commonly seen in mart of Shops. In type of offer the seller directly give discount of certain percent to attract customer. There are two type of % discount

  • Flat % Discount :  In this case the rate of discount is constant on product means not vary either you purchase less or more. Ex. Flat 10%
  • Upto % Discount : This type of Discount means (<=% ) either the discount percentage may be less than said or lower but not more than that. Ex. Upto 10%.
Buy One get More

This type of offer are create to maximize the sale and attract customer for bulk purchasing. It can be Buy 1 get 1 , Buy 2 get 3 , Buy 3 get 4 etc. This depend upon the seller to seller.

Big Off

This is also a kind of % discount but there value are larger than popular % off. Example : 50% Flat off. upto 90% off. This type of offer are popular now on eCommerce sites. This Offer are limited period offers or conditionals. 


When a company is ready to provide a article completely free with another then this type of offer is called gift. The gift may be same company new article or any other popular article.   Ex. 200g Dabur red paste free with 1Kg Dabur Glucose D.

Gift Vouchers 

This type of offers are same as gift with a difference that the gift are not in fixed object but in voucher you may take another article of same price. Here the user are free to take or not.

Package Deals 

Package deals are also a way to promote the low running article with a a highly demanded article in form or package.Here more than two article are bundled together to sale at a time. and costs of bundles are less than individuals.

Cash Back

This type of  offer is now very popular on eCommerce sites . In this the user pay the actual amount to sellers and after a fixed time the some of amount are return back to their account or e wallet.  The main purpose of this type of offer to fetch the maximum amount from customer pocket since the wallet cashback is used again to purchase product.

Random Rewards 

This is not a specified or said offer. This may be based on you no of turns or limit of purchase in a specific time span. Basically this type of reward is auto generated by billing machine as per criteria.

Extended Warranty & Guarantee  

This type of offer match with customer durable goods where warranty & Guarantee took places. Here the user receive scratch card and inside he received extra warranty & Guarantee. Example TV, Cooler, Laptop etc.

Free Home Delivery

This type of offer valid on either the articles are large in size on stored in remote area like Online shopping or Food Items. Example restaurants, eCommerce sites etc.

Better Payment Terms

This offer valid on large capital article like car, bus, flat, loaning services , jewelry, furniture.  Here extra cost are collected as interest from customer and customer get max time to complete the payment. 


This Offer contains a small game of question and who solve the problem win the particular product. This type of offer based for new product promotion outside the store. Example hawkers, Door to door sales etc.

Free Trail 
This type of offer based on long term services such as coaching classes, costly clothes purchase, vehicle  purchase etc. This offer are use to create confidence in customer about product.

Loyalty Card & Point

This offer is valid where the customers are frequent like cyber cafe, restaurant eCommerce site Gym . Here the on every visit the customer win some rewards point and when the sum of reward point achieve the goal the use get any attractive gift in form of cash or kinds.

Lucky Draw
This is also the most famous type of offer where no condition or restriction and winner are select on luck. In this type of offer the gift items are large and small in quantity. Just Like 1st prize mahindra Scorpio 2nd Royal Enfield (bullet) .

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