Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Top 15 Seasonal Business of India

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We are ready with 2nd part of previous topic i.e Seasonal Business. One who has not study the previous post How to earn big money in small time  kindly read before this for better understating.

OK, anyway today topic is list of seasonal business in India for one who want's some extra in regular life. I think this post help you to select the your favorite seasonal short term business. We are also try to collect the pick season for the said business.

 List of Seasonal Business in India

Sr. No.
Seasonal Business name
Perfect timing( Pick Season )
Blanket , Jacket, Swatter
October to February
Color, Abir, Pichkari, mask
Holi (February to March)
Cooler, Electrical fan, Hand fan, Stroll
Summer Season (April to July)
Raincoat, Umbrella, Plane Plastic, Plastic Shoe & Sandal
July to October
Rakhi, Sweet, Gift Items
Rakshabandhan  (August)
Fast Food Counter, Kids Play Items
Dusshara (September to October)
Fireworks, Crackers, Lighting Objects
Diwali (September to November)
Fruits, Basket, Cloths, Sugarcane
Chhath  (Oct  to Nov)
Photography, Videography, Decoration
Matrimonial Events ( Apr to June)
Event Planning (Wedding & Corporate)
Nov- Dec, March-April, May-July
Election Campaign & Crowd management
 Any Time Required
Kite, Sting, Reel, Spool
Makar Sankranti (January)
Home Rental Services
On Exam (in Town Area)
Juice Counter, Lemon water, Cold Water
Summer Season
Christmas Cloth, Gifts,New Year Greetings 
20 Dec to 5 January  

If you want to no more about any of the business like budget, how to start and business strategy comment. We will try to cover in next post. Thanks you for reading this blog we will meet in next post with another interesting topics. Kindly share with your friends.

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