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Hi, in previous post we have analyse some basic and popular type of offer. This post is also related to same topic but here we study the latest offer modals. Ok now proceed..

Revenue Goals

As per name name suggest this offer based on your investment in limited time period means here you have to target to purchase a within a week or a month. Ex. Purchase min of 50,000 in this month and get Free goa tour. This type of offer are apply on wholesaler, CNF, Stockist etc.


The main aim of this type of offer to create a permanent customer. Here the customer may be free or paid. A membership card is provide and on every purchase or service some of amount are deducted or paid. Now we can say that there are two type of membership.

  • Prepaid Membership : This type of services mainly apply on service sector here the customer pay for services in advance and uses depends on customer. Let us take an example A cybercafe offer subscriber to pay Rs.3600/- to become a prime member in advance and use 45 hour/month for one year

  • Loyalty Point based Membership :  In this type of membership the on every purchase on use of services the customer got some point and when the point reaches the goal the meet to attractive gift /cash/ kinds /services. As per example Now a day the public and private bank provide loyalty point on every cashless transaction or purchase.
PreLaunch Offer

As Per the name suggest this offer a use to create excitement in customer to become the first user. Advance booking are famous example of this type of offer. This type of offer now popular in car launch, Movies Launch, Mobile & tablet launch etc.  Here the First certain customer get discount.

Holiday Day & Seasonal Offer

This offer based on upcoming event on religious festivals just like Diwali, Holi, Eid, X-max Offer, New Year Offer etc. This Type of offer attract the customer in limited time period. This is offered by Mart, Coaching, Customer Durable Goods (TV, Washing Machine,  Bikes, cars) etc.

Offer on Liking, Sharing & Following on Social Media

There is another world and market on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, GooglePlus , Instagram, Whatsapp etc. So there is a another type of offer are popular these day that share , , like or follow us on social media and get cashback or mobile recharge. Example Follow our Twitter page a get 5% discount on first purchase. 

Referral Offers

Referral Offers are not the new type of offer but now the way of implementation are changed in ancient time a coupon or code or a reference person are use But Now a day Link are use are referral offers.  Example share the link on social media if anyone visit using this link then you will get some cash back.  Paytm , Hike, Goibibo  are famous example of this type of offer. 

New User Offer

This Type of offer are use to collect information are increase the new customer footfalls. Basically this offers are popular on eCommerce site where there are multiple offers are always for new customer and used once in his life. Example Paytm, Mobikwik, rechargeitnow, redbus etc.  

Existing User Offer

This offer is just opposite of  new user offer. this is concept of "old is gold" modal. Here the customer which is too old get maximum benefit. This one is offered by telecom companies like get 2GB free data on 2 year old connection (SIM). 

Exchange Offer

This is also a type of Existing user offer here company try to renew the relation to customer once again with some exciting offers. Example Come with old Old Samsung TV are go with New One. 

Partnering with Celebrities  

Partnering with influential people that have large audiences is a great way to increase exposure to your brand and by providing an exclusive offer to the influential persons network, you’re more likely to convert their fans to your customers. Example Use Colgate Send The Code to us if you are lucky customer spend one night with Sonakshi Sinha. 

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