How to select your perfect business

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This is a good question and this question is asked by a Facebook user on official fb page of offerplant. Suggesting a business to anyone is very simple you can get  a lots of idea from your neighbors, relatives, friends, newspaper  and internet. But there is a big question that which business is perfect for you, suit on you is very tedious task. Then how to select the business from an ocean to different business.

A number of people or your wisher suggest you that think it own and your  decision and choice will the best answer of your question. Yes It is also the good answer but how can you compact or concise your search  result to reach the destination.

Anyway, a lots of other question may be arises during this. Our OfferPlant team also analyse this problem a try to help this type of victims. We are provide you a check list where by which  you can concise your options.

Sr. No.
Option (select only one)
Your  qualification
Technical / non-technical
Family background
Job / professionals /business
Your interest
Profession / business
Business type
Services /product / both
Business mode
Online / offline / both
Investment amount
Small / medium / large
Business area
Rural / urban / metro city
Business approach
Domestic / international
Manufacture /export import / retailer
If you select product
Durable goods / daily uses
Time investment
Full time / part time / seasonal
If you select service
Office based / market based
You strongest part of life
Customer deal/ good communication/ analytical brain /marketing/ office based / risk taking /  leadership / management

To understand the above topic more clearly you can also read our previous post Business Vs Job Vs Profession.
This chart /table  do not suggest your perfect business but help you to set your focus and easily categorized and filter your choice. You can evaluate yourself and a extract which type of business suit on you.

We Thin this post will help you if any confusion and question is your mind kindly comment below. Thanks for reading our blog.


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