Monday, 26 June 2017

How to earn big money in small time

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Welcome again to offerplant. We are going to discuss a special type of marketing where you invest low or medium amount and return is more better than investment . We think you understand what we want to say , yes it's seasonal business .


As per name suggest this type of business are depends on time ,event , season, market demand and weather etc. when we discuss in more deep then we will find that this type of business vary season to season and you have to very minutely catch the appropriate time to make big profit.

After analysis on seasonal business we got some findings by applying one can success in seasonal business.

Action plan for seasonal business

  • Ready to invest large amount (If required large return)
  • More investment high risk good return
  • Catch the appropriate time and vendor
  • Ready storeroom & labor / staff
  • High risk (Since product are useless after a fixed time)
  • Product based business 
  • Pricing strategy ( Vary according to time & demand)
  • Advertisement & Promotion ( Try to start before season start)
  • Low margin big sale (Master Concept )
Now, There is a question that come in your mind that which are the seasonal business  what are there time. This question can be solved with an example. If you belongs from north india where CHHATH PUJA is a very popular festival and a lots of people celebrate chath and invest good amount in puja. Fruits are integral part of this puja. Now you can invest in various fruit like coconut (Imported from outside ) sugarcane (Purchase from Local farmers) etc.

Ok, I think you better understand the seasonal business and how to get more profit. In next session we come with some other type of seasonal business.

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