Difference Between Logo & Brand Name

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Welcome again in OfferPlant, here we will discuss on some basic fact about how to start a successful business. Today we are ready to discuss a very interesting segment of  any business. All businessman wan't to create this and that is BRAND or LOGO.

Ok, we studied various online post and book but don't get the exact and clear meaning category of logo. There is also a misconception about brand name & logo sometime they are used interchangeably. After the analysis we found that there are some basic criteria of logo and brand .

First of all, we are going to clear that logo and brand name both are different but some famous company use as per requirement. Brand name is mandatory whereas logo is optional.  

Brand name : The Style or Modal design used by any company to represent there name either in electronic format or in printed is called brand name. Brand name contains the name of the company.

Logo : A graphical representation of your company, may be text,  is called logo. It is optional. There is no hard & fast rule that name contains   in logo or not.

Now, we take examples to clear the above fact.

We think that you will clearly understand the difference between brand name & Logo. But there are many organization their brand name is used as logo means there is no any specific logo of them. Example : lenovo, Godrej,CocaCola, ebay, Yahoo

In above image we found these company use their brand name as logo.

Ok, thanks for reading our blog post in next post we analyse the type of logo, features of logo and how to create a good logo & brand name.

If you have any idea or question in your mind kindly right in comment section .



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