Business Vs Job Vs Profession

Dear Reader,

This is good and very common question for every one. This question always arise in mind while someone thinking to start business. First of all I tell you that you have to decide which is perfect for you . Which you like most. How many knowledge in each filed.

There are many factor on which we have to discus to answer this question.


Job can be private or government. Now a day there is very tedious task to join in Govt job specially for general category. Now another filed is private job this is perfect for who that don't want to take risk, invest money, liability & responsibility.  Any way but private job are not easy here you have to exert pressure of your senior , manger or owner . Many a people make create good career and healthy revenue from private job. This is not perfect time to discuss each and every aspect of Govt & Private Job. Now at Last we can say that job is very good and "LOW RISK LOW RETURN PROJECT".


Professionals  is also a big part of human life. Every day you need one or more professionals like Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Advocate, CA, Engineer, Software Developer, Motivators etc. There job are also easy, smooth and soft works. Ya, but in maximum profession you have to a professional degree with sound knowledge of that field. Anyway it is a medium investment program with lifetime return . I think you also have good knowledge about profession and professionals. If you are active and to want to do better for yourself and society this a good option with "MEDIUM RISK MEDIUM RETURN".


Yes, Business with "HIGH RISK  HIGH RETURN ". We  don't say that all businesses have high risk but some have. Many people think that business is for those people who don't have get any job or don't have any professional qualification or knowledge. Some one think business for person good capital. Some person think it is a 24 hour job. But OfferPlant rejects all the misconception and ready to support you at every step of your business, profession and job.

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